VBOX Peripheral Overview

VBOX can be combined with different peripheral products, making it a very powerful data acquisition system that can be used for various applications and in diverse industries.

Base Stations

The DGPS Base Station is a complete differential correction system designed to provide local corrections for improved GPS accuracy. 40cm, 20cm and 2cm positional accuracy options are available, depending on the system (DGPS Base Station / RTK Base Station).


The VBOX range of modules provides additional options for transferring, logging, and displaying data. You have a choice of Radio, Inertial, Input and Output modules.

Displays & Cameras

Different display options help to set and adjust the units.


Included with all VBOX data loggers, VBOX Tools is a powerful software analysis package. We also offer dedicated software solutions for a number of specialised applications such as Circuit Analysis, Aquaplaning, Coast-down Testing, Lane Change and Centreline Deviation.


Various accessories like cables, cases, mountings, power supplies, switches, triggers, memory cards and printers complete the data logging systems.